Finished my fingers last Thursday <3

Cover and a couple of pages from the comic I did for my final assignment last spring

hellboy from sketchbook

2 page comic from Brennu-Njáls Saga for school. a bit of an awkward situation about a woman telling her father about her husband’s problems in bed.

short comic for school

inspired by frazetta

another cool guy from sketchbook

Anonymous asked: I saw you had a picture from your carpal tunnel surgery. I just wanted to ask you how effective you think it was. I have pain, numbness, and a lot of discomfort in the tendon of my ring finger on my right hand and I have had to give up knitting, playing pc games and I almost might have to give up doing yoga if I bbecome unable to handle it. Doing those things are what triggers the pain and it usually lasts at least half an hour after I stop what I'm doing. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Sadly the surgery didn’t work one bit for me. But note that I was a special case, I’ve been suffering from CTS since I was a kid, and having the surgery this young should have made it’s success rate about 90%. So I honestly recommend you to have the surgery, because even if it helps just a little it’s a change! The surgery healing process is a bit of a pain, but my hand feels just the same as before, the scar isn’t a bother etc. I wish you the best of luck, hopefully you’ll be luckier than me!

alrights asked: I really really love your art!! What medium is your favorite?

Thank you!! I mostly use black ink, but for colouring I use watercolours. :)

cool guy sketch

sketch stuff

exhibitionist chick

deadline anxiety

went to the dentist to day. …good times

A children’s story for a school project. Story revolves around a boy that loses his dog in a car accident, but one day the dog returns…

Captions on photos for English!